Day trip destinationsExperience adventures in the Wilhelmshaven area.

Neighbouring Wangerland and the surrounding area are characterized by small towns with their own individual charms and peculiarities. This makes Wilhelmshaven the ideal starting point for day trips in the surrounding area. Make your vacation leisure program even more varied by visiting one or two small towns nearby and enjoying the activities on offer there. On this page, we have put together a practical overview of the most beautiful excursion destinations in Wilhelmshaven and the surrounding area.

Popular towns in the surrounding areaYou should know these towns.

There are some particularly beautiful places in the vicinity of Wilhelmshaven, which you can easily reach in just a few minutes by car or by public transport. If you don't mind taking your time and would like to be physically active, you can also reach some of them on a tour by rental bike.

Hooksiel im Wangerland


Hooksiel is a so-called "Sielort" in neighboring Wangerland. Seafaring and fishing have a very long tradition here. A special highlight is the old harbor with one of the last siel works and beautiful historic packing houses.


As a North Sea spa, Horumersiel is one of 37 health resorts in Lower Saxony. Here you can spend a day on the beach or take a leisurely stroll through the town center. We recommend a visit to the lovingly landscaped, idyllic spa garden.
Schloss in Jever


The Pilsner of the same name from this city is one of the country's best-known beer brands. But a visit is not only worthwhile for a tour of the brewery. You will also find many interesting sights here, such as Jever Castle.
Wedelfelder Wasserschopfmühle bei Sande


You can reach this dreamy community by bike in just half an hour. Here you can unwind at the Sander See leisure complex or visit the Monte Pinnow climbing tower.

Our favoritesThe most beautiful excursion destinations in and around Wilhelmshaven.

In addition to beautiful villages and towns, there are other interesting excursion destinations in Wilhelmshaven and the surrounding area that are well worth a visit. You can get even closer to nature, try out different beaches in the region or explore neighboring communities.

Island excursions

From Harlesiel, which you can reach by car in just under 40 minutes or by bike in two hours, you can take a ferry to visit one of the East Frisian Islands, which are lined up next to each other off the coast of Lower Saxony. However, the ferry connections depend on the tide and can therefore be irregular. It is best to find out spontaneously on the spot.

You can reach the high seas island of Heligoland directly from Wilhelmshaven or from Hooksiel on a two-hour catamaran trip. The unique, partly untouched natural landscape alone makes a day trip worthwhile. The island also offers a varied leisure program, interesting sights and countless opportunities for shopping and dining.

Banter Lake

Lake Banter is an excursion destination located directly in Wilhelmshaven. This was once a harbor basin and is now a place for sports and leisure activities. On the south side is Klein Wangerooge, a sandy beach with an outdoor pool where you can spend a few relaxing hours. Thanks to the beautiful promenade, long walks or bike rides along the shore are highly recommended. You can cycle all the way around the lake on a route of around 8 km. Due to the conditions, Lake Banter is particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts of all kinds: here you can try out windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, sailing or stand-up paddling.

The Wangerland

The neighboring municipality of Wangerland is characterized by beautiful natural landscapes and small villages. Here you can go on a real discovery tour, for example by bike. Some of the most popular destinations in Wangerland are

  • the mussel museum in Hooksiel,
  • the Friesland Therme in Horumersiel,
  • St. Martin's Church in Tettens,
  • the North Sea play town of Wangerland
  • and the Wangerland Minsen National Park House.

Hooksiel Beach

A particularly beautiful beach in the area is the North Sea beach in Hooksiel. A modern beach awaits you here, inviting you to sunbathe, swim and relax. Hooksiel beach is also popular with water sports enthusiasts and is particularly suitable for kite surfing. The highlight: In the kitesurfing area there is a beach sauna with a view of the sea.